Why The First Step Is So Important

A lot of questions I have been receiving recently have been about why the first step you should take after a break up is to break contact with your ex partner. “Should I text my ex?” shouldn’t even be a question that enters your mind – I know this may seem cruel just now, but it’s the best way to approach this situation.

Since this issue was causing so much confusion and so many questions, I decided to let you in on some of the secrets of the human psyche, and why this is such an effective first step to take.

Now I know this may seem a little counter intuitive – the very FIRST thing you might want to be doing in the days immediately after a break up is to text your ex! With your heart and your brain both screaming at you to pick up the phone, it can be a hard message to ignore.

You might want to send your ex partner screens of text confessing your love for them, telling them that the thought of life without them seems hopeless. You might be thinking of trying to convince them that you two of you really are meant to be together and that if they can’t see that then they should seek psychiatric help to deal with their denial. However… I think if you consider these options carefully, you’ll also admit that texting your ex is not the right thing to do just now.

Lets try putting yourself in their shoes – if they have just broken up with you, they might not be feeling too great either. They might have been wondering whether this was the right decision to make for some time, and you will both be needing some time to think. The last thing that they would want is to receive constant texts from you reminding them of your love and telling them that they are wrong to let your relationship go.

So for that reason I’m going to outline the BEST things to keep in mind when you are trying to refrain from that ‘text message terrorism’, and why it is best for you in the long run – even though it may not feel like it right now.

In the next blog post I will outline the most important things you need to remember to stay in the correct frame of mind, and to strengthen yourself so you won’t damage your chances of reconciliation by sending a weepy or mushy text to them.

However if you simply cannot wait until then and are desperate to find out the truth about this step, as well as get your hands on a proven system to get your ex back and answer the question “Should I text my ex?” along with many others, then more information is available at http://www.donttextyourex.com/moreinfo.html but only when you truly feel you are ready to start getting your ex partner back.

Katie Rainer

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